Militant financing: Ansarullah Bangla Team and Mufti Jasim Uddin Rahmani

Bangladesh Bank last year detected 10 accounts from where money was deposited to Rahmani’s Al-Arafah Islami Bank account some years ago. Dhaka Tribune published a detail report on the findings, which were submitted to the Home Ministry and later the Detective Branch of police was assigned to deal with the militant financing issue.

More than one year has passed, but we know New development in the case though the militants have become a serious matter of concern for the government and the people.

Ansarullah was banned in May this year after Tweets claiming responsibility for several murders of bloggers and secular activists. It’s chief Rahmani has been in jail since August 2013 and now undergoing trial for instigating the murder of blogger-architect Ahmed Rajeeb Haider. This group has followed both in upper middle class and poor people, both highly educated and ignorant but having extremist views. They’re arrogant, they’re mysterious, they’re cowards!

On October 19, they sent emails to media houses giving six-point directives, which are Islamic rules. Everyone should follow this or face dire consequences.

However, at 1am I can see female presenters in news and LIVE talk shows. Let’s see the reaction of the militant experts and government highups.





We demand sincere and quick probe into the matter and the culprits brought to the book!


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