Shocking! Bangladesh’s top restaurants, chain shops fined for selling substandard foods (updates)

Stop malpractice at least at the food shops!

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Who to trust? No one! Eat at your own whim and accept the consequences. You can also inform the police when registering something odd.

The information given here are taken from online newspapers including Dhaka Tribune, The Daily Star and

June 24, 2015 (Uttara):

HelvetiaHelvetia: Fined Tk50,000 for using substandard cooking oil and date expired foods.

Sea Shell: Fined Tk50,000 for unhygienic environment.

La Bamba: Fined by the DMP Tk50,000 for selling unauthorised products.

Alibaba Sweets: Fined Tk1 lakh,

Bismillah Mishti Mukh: Fined Tk1 lakh, and

Ekushey Sweets: Fined Tk7,000 for unhygienic environment and selling adulterated products.

June 23, 2015 (Gulshan):

BFCBFC: Fined Tk 1 lakh for keeping adulterated and substandard foods.

Swapno: Fined Tk1.5 lakh for selling rotten fish and unauthorised products.

Premium Sweets: Fined Tk50,000 for adulterated foods.

Spaghetti: Fined Tk50,000 for selling adulterated foods

Olive Garden Restaurant: Fined Tk2 lakh for keeping beef, pork and chicken meat…

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