Few polluters penalized, others enjoying impunity laugh at authorities

Corruption allows pollution to go unabated!

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The Department of Environment is the regulatory body of the Bangladesh government to take punitive action against the offenders. But due to corruption, shortage of skilled manpower and reluctance, the DoE’s performance has never been satisfactory.

Hence, even though some polluters are warned and fined, most of the offenders go unpunished bribing the government officials and politicians.

On the other hand, even being fined, the business enterprises get some benefits while paying the fines. They are asked to pay a part of the fine and the rest is exempted in exchange for bribes.

This culture of impunity should stop before the country’s environment reaches the peak of severe contamination affecting each and everyone within the range.

Dhaka and its adjoining areas have been considered as industrial zones since long, but no government took any long-term plan to manage environment in those areas. In result, we can see massive degradation of air…

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