Grameenphone enjoys impunity for corporate crimes

On May 31, in all regions, the area managers had meeting with there territory officers . In some regions, the meetings held on June 1.

The TOs were given some instructions which are very objectionable. They said:

1. In 2- 3 months, if the officers fail to meet the sales target, then none can save their jobs,
2. They will have to work every day until 8pm & also on Saturdays. No overtime will be given for the extra work,
3. None can leave the station on weekends,
4. If the TOs cannot accept the conditions, they may leave the job!

Besides these, every day the area managers are behaving very rudely with the territory officers.

Just before the meetings, Grameenphone Employees Union (GPEU) won the GPPC election where all the management candidates failed.

On April 28, the GPEU issued a statement protesting against the GP Mgt statement about the unlawful termination of 30 employees who are the union activists and members of GPEU after office hour.

GP Mgt did the following unlawful acts violating the national laws of the land:

1. They have done fraudulent act/cheating with the employees. They call for a meeting without informing them the agenda. It’s also a crime under the penal code of Bangladesh;
2. Breached the commitment & understanding between GP Mgt & GPPC internal employee platform without informing and discussion with GPPC;
3. GP Mgt. Violated GP 4 Values (be respectful, keep promises, be inspiring & make it easy) & Telenor ways;
4. They have done “unlawful Imprisonment”/forceful imprisonment in a meeting room after office and force them to sign either termination or resignation letter. Security persons were present in front of the meeting room. It’s a criminal offence under penal code of Bangladesh;
5. They also violated the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 as per the section 186 & 195. Union activists/union members can’t be terminated while the registration process is pending. Its also an offence under this law as unfair labour practice by the employer.

6. The limitation period is 30 days to file appeal to the higher court which is covered by the law. Secondly, we filed Appeal in Tribunal which is higher court on 19 April and the labour Appellate Tribunal passed the stay order of that judgment on 20 April but they fired 30 employees unlawfully on 23 April which is also violating the higher court order by GP mgt.


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