How The Rampal Coal Power Plant Will Destroy The Sundarbans

Shift proposed Rampal coal-fired plant…


Land acquisition order to setup a 1320 MW coal based thermal power plant in Rampal near Sudarbans, the largest Mangrove Forest of the world and a world heritage site declared by UNSECO, was issued on 27 December 2010. The Joint venture agreement to set up the power plant was signed between Indian company NTPC and Bangladeshi company PDB on 29 January 2012. And the EIA was published on January 2013 in the PDB website for public opinion. That means EIA has been done after selecting and finalizing the site where as the very purpose of any EIA is to select a site among many alternatives and decides whether the project on that site is environmentally viable or not. The experts and various organizations present in a people’s consultation arranged by PDB on April 2013, has already rejected the EIA, the department of environment has not approved the EIA yet but…

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