The clashes continue till now… Stay united and resist Jamaat-Shibir.

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It was evident that the fundamentalists would enforce a hartal with support of the BNP and carry out violent attacks across the country as fraud cleric and preacher of MOUDUDI Islam Delawar Hossain Sayedee has been handed down capital punishment for genocide, rape, loot and Hindu persecution in 1971.

Until 9pm, the Jamaat-Shibir men have become the reason for the deaths of at least 32 people including police, pedestrians and rickshaw-pullars.

But still, the SHAHBAGH OCCUPIERS are not afraid and they’re continuing the non-stop agitation. Hearing the verdict, they burst into joy and brought out rallies. Similar events took place around the country and also abroad.

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Click here to see full text of ICT verdict in Delowar Hossain Sayeedi Case
Click Here To See Charges In Full

They declared doa mahfil at mosques on Friday and urged all to hoist national flags on Saturday. The bloggers have left Shahbagh…

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