jamaat website removes statement/news item admitting genocide link after the blunder spread thursday…

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jamaat- blank pagejamaat- victory day statementhang themBangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami has removed the December 16, 2012 statement it posted on its English websitewhere it admitted: “The Jamaat-e-Islami and some Islamist political parties actively collaborated with the Pakistani forces, raising paramilitary and auxiliary forces such as Razakar, Al-Badr, Al-Shams which took part in genocide.”

Ragib Hassan‘s tweetrevealed this matter. His twitter account says he is an “Assistant Professor @ Univ of Alabama-Birmingham | Director UAB SECRETLab | Fmr. NSF Computing Innovation Fellow | UIUC/BUET Alumnus | Wiki Admin| Shikkhok. Birmingham, AL, USA ·

He took the screenshot at 9:05pm on February 20  (US local time) (8:05am February 21, Bangladesh time) and tweeted the photo with link of the Jamaat page.

But when I saw his tweet and clicked the link on Jamaat site at 9:54pm, I found it blank!

More in-depth investigation found that the statement was copied from daily New Age, an English daily. The New…

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