Is he corrupt (according to Awami League’s definition)?

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Mosharraf HossainFormer Bridges Division secretary Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan speaks slowly, smiles pleasantly and can avoid chaos of journalists by delivering his claims smartly — the common gestures of his boss Syed Abul Hossain.

Yes, he has done these things very ‘smartly’ since September, 2011 when the WB gave a report on the project’s ‘corruption’ — a very sensitive term in politics, especially when a party is in power.

Well, the former bureaucrat went into hiding as soon as the ACC filed a case against them with evidence of corruption conspiracy.

And, he was arrested finally on Wednesday by detectives from a vehicle with another accused Ferdous at Shahbagh.

And, ironically enough, he was taken to the ACC for questioning, probably second time to testify on the corruption allegation.

He was handcuffed!!!

This man in June this year said: i’m sure the WB won’t be able to present any evidence; the WB…

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