Quack docs everywhere, but where’s police?

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Kolikata Herbal Care at Mohammadpur BRTC Bus Stand treats sexual complexities, infertility, fat and skinny problem, bald head, skin probs, cancer, asthma, diabetis (!!!)…without any side affects, at an affordable cost by its mentor Dr Hafez Kwari Md Mahabubur Rahman and his team of registered experts and experienced Hekims.

phone: 01716064303
email: kolikataherbalcare@gmail.com
wensite: kolikataherbalcarebd.com
fb: facebook.com/kolikataherbalcarebd

What a shot! I’m astonished to see its nonstop advertisement on a video channel run by the cable TV operator — skroll, TV report and profile commercials. The channel has only one client — kolikataherbalcare!

It has achieved 12 Golden Awards (!) in the last 12 years!

Such “doctors” are all around us like mushrooms in Dhaka and elsewhere in the country for years, and increasing in a faster scale.

They all stick posters on buses, walls, tea stalls, public places; distributes small handbills through desparate burqa-laden women on…

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