Yahya Khan was relieved of genocide: report

yahyaDHAKA, Dec 8, 2012 (BSS)

Key-architect of the Bengali genocide in 1971 in the name of “saving Islam” General Yahya Khan was accused of sex orgies instead of the massacre he ordered, as Pakistani troops conceded defeat on December 16, 1971 in Dhaka, archival documents said.

London-based The Telegraph ran a report titled “Yahya Khan accused of sex orgies” on its January 10, 1972 issue as it was sent by its Karachi correspondent MFH Beg while as he was imprisoned by the subsequent Bhutto regime immediately after their “debacle”.

“In West Pakistan ‘Hang Yahya’ slogan is seen everywhere and now that the press has been freed from censorship and tongues loosened, it is being alleged that he and his regime was not only corrupt but licentious to almost the level of ancient Rome,” the report read.

The report quoted an official announcement on the previous day saying the president was arrested “in the supreme interest of Pakistan” following a rising public demand to place him on trial along with army chief General Abdul Hamid Khan.

“The fate of a dozen or so girls said to be linked with General Yahya is unpredictable, but they are said to be marked women, along with their husbands, who hold powerful and lucrative positions,” the report read.

It said during a dinner given by a rear admiral, “the then president, who was drunk, grabbed a singer known as the Melody Queen, walked into his host’s bedroom with her, and did not reappear for five hours”.

The Telegraph said wife of a petty police official, commonly known as “Auntie,” was credited with having wielded fantastic power as “heads are said to have rolled on her command” while the Internet-based Wikipedia identified her as Akleem Akhtar, more known as General Rani or General’s Queen, who used to run a highly-rated brothel.

“There are rumours of wild sex orgies, including one three-day period of revelry in honour of the wedding of the general’s son, which went on while (Pakistani) Army was fighting to save the country from disintegration,” the Telegraph reported.

Pakistan constituted a judicial commission called Hamoodur Rahman Commission to probe into the allegations against the then military junta and military leadership which too accused Yahya Khan along with Hamid Khan of “personal immorality, drunkenness and indulgence in corrupt practices”.

“There is prima facie evidence to show that their moral degeneration resulted in indecision, cowardice and professional incompetence. In the light of the result of this inquiry suitable charges may be added against these Officers, during the trials we have already recommended earlier,” the commission said.


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