WB remains tough on Padma issue, Muhith surprised

The World Bank will proceed with the Padma bridge project only if the Anti-corruption Commission launches a full and fair investigation based on the alleged corruption, a WB Dhaka office statement said on Saturday.

‘তদন্ত সুষ্ঠু না হলে পদ্মায় অর্থায়ন নয়’

বিশ্ব ব্যাংকের বিবৃতিতে বিস্মিত মুহিত

আশাবাদী গওহর রিজভী

“The World Bank provided extensive information to the ACC to support such an investigation. Following its first visit to Bangladesh, the external panel of independent anti-corruption experts encouraged the ACC to launch a full and fair investigation based on available evidence and in full accordance with Bangladeshi law. During its second visit to Bangladesh last week, the panel noted several unresolved issues and further encouraged the ACC to follow available evidence in determining the scope of its investigation,” said Ellen Goldstein, World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh, in the statement.

আটকে যেতে পারে পদ্মা সেতু

এসএনসি-লাভালিনকে কাজ দিতে বারবার কমিটি পরিবর্তন

৩৮ কোটি টাকা ঘুষ, জড়িত ১০ জন

১০% ঘুষ চান মন্ত্রী-সচিব

The statement is a consequence of the WB’s external panel’s two rounds of visits to Dhaka over the financing of the Padma bridge project.

WB’s Bangladesh country director however left a ray of hope for the financing of the project saying, “The panel will issue a statement when the ACC completes its review and takes a final decision on the scope of the investigation.”

Padma grafts visible, problem with who to be made accused

No breakthrough in WB, ACC talk



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