Limon was falsely charged in Forkan murder case, say police

Jhalakathi, Nov 8 (

The police on Thursday recommended dropping murder charge levelled against Limon Hossain and the family of the college student who was shot and maimed allegedly by Rapid Action Battalion.

Ibrahim Howlader, who Limon had identified as a RAB source, filed the case against him, his mother Henoara Begum and father Tofazzel Hossain, accusing them of beating his brother-in-law Forkan Howlader dead.

ফোরকানের মৃত্যু: লিমনরা ‘নির্দোষ’

ফোরকান হত্যা মামলায় লিমনের পরিবারকে নির্দোষ বলল পুলিশ

Rajapur Police Station’s Sub-Inspector Ariful Islam investigated the case and found that Forkan’s death was normal and submitted a final report to a district court asking that Limon and his relatives be cleared of murder charges.

“A final report has been submitted after investigating the unnatural death case and the case filed with a court over the death of Forkan after examining the post-mortem and viscera reports,” said Islam.

Forkan died on the day of Eid-ul Fitr, when Limon and his mother came under attacks led by Ibrahim. Limon and his mother were returning from their village home at Saturia in Rajapur when they were attacked.

Forkan died when he was heading towards the scene of attack.

The incident caused an outcry when Limon and his mother identified Ibrahim as a RAB source.

Forkan’s wife Lili Begum filed an unnatural death case with Rajapur police the day her brother died. They also filed a murder case with a lower court three days later.

In his instant reaction, Limon said, “We were accused in a false murder case to harass us. Police investigation has revealed the truth. Investigations into the two cases filed by RAB would have found me innocent if those were conducted fairly.”

The others accused in the murder case were Limon’s brother Hemayet Hossain, uncles Siddique Hossain and Ripon Akon and other relatives.

Limon and his family are currently living in Pirojpur in a rented home since he was shot as it does not consider their home safe enough to return.


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