Her fault is she is a relative of Uttam Barua!


Separated for more than 15 days, two-year-old Anisha finally returned yesterday to her mother, now in police custody, with the permission of a court.

And the sole reason that kept the little girl away from her mother Adi Barua is — she [Adi] is a distantly related aunt of Uttam Barua, whose faked facebook page was used to stir up the September 29 attacks on the Buddhists in Ramu.

An investigation by The Daily Star recently proved beyond doubt that the image of Uttam’s facebook page, with the photo derogatory to the holy Quran, was fabricated.

The Daily Star probe suggested that he was framed.

Police in the early hours of September 30 jumped the gun and picked up Uttam’s mother Madhu Barua, 40, and his aunt Adi Barua, 26, in connection with a case that was actually filed a day later.

The two were not even accused in the first information report.

Adi is Madhu’s cousin and she came to her father’s home at Hightupi of Ramu, which is near Madhu’s home, said family sources.

Uttam had been living with his wife and child separately. He had married a girl his family had not approved of. His mother did not maintain communication with him for five years for this reason.

Uttam neither lived with his mother nor the aunt in question.

Uttam ran away with his wife and child soon after the mayhem on September 29.

Madhu and Adi were later shown arrested and a court sent them to jail.

Since then Anisha, the two-year-old daughter of Adi, had been separated from her mother.

On Monday, Detective Branch of police sought remand for them after producing them before the Senior Judicial Magistrate’s Court of Cox’s Bazar.

Tarun Baura, father of Anisha, said Anisha was crying for her mother all the time.

Later, on Monday, lawyer Arup Barua Topu, counsel for Madhu and Adi, drew the court’s attention to the child being separated from the mother and asked the court for directives in this regard.

The court ordered the child to be sent to the mother.

The Court of Senior Judicial Magistrate Towhidul Haque also placed Adi and Madhu on one day’s remand.

The two would be grilled today in custody by Cox’s Bazar Police, said Iltut Mish, additional superintendent of police of Chittagong, who is working in Cox’s Bazar on deputation.

He claimed that Ramu police escorted them to the police station during the violence for their own safety.

On Monday, while talking to newsmen on the court premises, Madhu said neither she nor her sister was involved in the mayhem on September 29.

Ekattorer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee, a forum which advocates secularism and trials of crimes against humanity committed during the Liberation War, yesterday condemned the arrest of Uttam’s mother and aunt. It demanded immediate release of the arrestees and security of Uttam’s family, said a statement of the organisation.

Meanwhile, a Cox’s Bazar court on Monday fixed tomorrow for hearing on a seven-day fresh remand prayer for Omar Faruk and Abdul Moktadir, alleged key instigators behind the attacks on Buddhists in Ramu.

Only four cases were filed with Ukhia Police Station even though seven Buddhist and Hindu temples were set ablaze.

The cases were filed in connection with the torching of Jadimura Buddhists monastery, Pashchim Ratna Sudarshan Buddhist monastery, Morichcha Dipankur Buddhist monastery and Palongkhali Goyalmara Hindu temple.

Appela Raju Naha, officer-in-charge of Ukhia Police Station, said no cases were filed in connection with the other three arson incidents as none filed a complaint with them.


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