Findings from Ramu violence by rights groups (also video)

Sultana Kamal and Hameeda Hossain of ASK (Ain o Salish Kendra), Manusher Jonno Foundation Executive Director Shahin Anam and TIB Executive Director Dr Iftekharuzzaman visited the damaged areas in Ramu on Tuesday 9th October 2012. See more

The ASK Investigation team have been fact finding, it has been established as a premeditated attack, further probing awaits as details unfold. Whether the attacks have been planned my extremist or political group’s or whether there has been outside manipulation – an independent enquiry is a basic responsibility of the government.

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A peaceful community, a place of historical significance in the Buddhist and Hindu religion has been violated.


Rights body for judicial probe

The Daily Star October 10, 2012

Chairperson of Ain o Salish Kendra Advocate Sultana Kamal addresses a press briefing in the conference room of Cox’s Bazar municipality office in Chittagong on Wednesday. Photo: STAR

Three human rights organisations on Wednesday demanded a judicial investigation into the violence of Ramu and Ukhia upazilas in Cox’s Bazar to safeguard the interest of the minorities.

The rights bodies made the demand at a press briefing in the conference room of Cox’s Bazar municipality office, reports our Chittagong correspondent.

Ain o Salish Kendra, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and Manusher Jonno Foundation organised the press briefing one day after visiting the destruction sites of the September 29 sectarian violence.

A mob destroyed 12 Buddhist temples and monasteries and more than 50 houses in Ramu and Ukhia upazilas on September 29 midnight.

The violence was apparently triggered by a Facebook posting of a photo defaming the holy Quran.

Their demands include identifying real culprits and bring them to justice through judicial investigation; taking punitive actions against law enforcers who neglected duties; reinstating peaceful coexistence and amity of all the communities along with the securities of the victims; and recovering all religious artifacts which were looted during the mayhem and reconstructing all damaged Buddhist establishments.

The rights leaders also appreciated the government’s initiative to distribute cash among the affected Buddhists immediately after the incident.

TIB Chairperson Advocate Sultana Kamal claimed that attack on Buddhists community was premeditated.

Ukhia attack was conducted in guerrilla style covering three sides, she added.

Sultana Kamal also expressed her satisfaction over the visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the Buddhist temples and houses.

Dr Hamida Hossain, chairperson of Ain O Salish Kendra, Advocate Sultana Kamal, Dr Iftekharuzzaman and Rina Roy among others spoke at the press briefing.


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