Hall-Mark MD admits irregularities in taking loans

The sub-committee of a parliamentary body on the finance ministry on Tuesday said Hall-Mark Group Managing Director Tanvir Mahmud took loan from Sonali Bank illegally.

“After assessing the loan related documents, it is clear to us that Hall-Mark group took the loan unlawfully,” Tajul Islam, chief of the probe body told to reporters after grilling Tanvir at parliament building.

অবৈধ পন্থায় ঋণ—তানভীরের স্বীকারোক্তি

The sub committee formed by the finance minister grilled Tanvir for more than an hour from 3:00pm.

On September 3, a parliamentary body on the finance ministry formed a sub-committee to investigate the Hall-Mark affair.

A Bangladesh Bank probe found the Ruposhi Bangla branch had lent the money to the Hall-Mark Group between 2010 and May this year on forged documents.

The group is one of six companies that have borrowed Tk 3,547 crore from the branch illegally with the help of some bank officials.


ACC to sue 27 Sonali, Hall-Mark staff

The Anti-Corruption Commission on Tuesday decided to file cases against 27 people for their alleged involvement in Sonali Bank loan scam.

Among the 27 people, 21 are Sonali Bank officials while the rest six are Hall-Mark Group staff including its Managing Director Tanvir Mahmud and Chairman Jasmine Islam, ACC Commissioner Md Shahabuddin told The Daily Star.

The cases will be filed for amassing money illegally, forgery, and money laundering, the ACC commissioner said.

He said the cases may be filed on Wednesday.


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