Home minister blasts Fakhruddin, says Iajuddin violated oath, Moeen army rules


The Daily Star September 29, 2012

Chief of the last caretaker government Fakhruddin Ahmed “deceived” people by taking the chief executive’s position even though he was a “foreign citizen”, said Home Minister Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir yesterday.

He said former president Iajuddin Ahmed had also “violated his oath” by taking responsibility of the last caretaker government and he should be prosecuted so that none dares to do it again.

চারজনের কাজের জবাব দেওয়া উচিত

“If we get your [people’s] cooperation, we will be able to ensure proper punishment of Fakhruddin and other such people.”

Alamgir said this while speaking at the publication ceremony of his book titled “Jel Theke Lekha Bangladesh” (the Bangla version of his book “Notes From a Prison Bangladesh”) at Diploma Engineers Institute of Bangladesh in Dhaka.

During the tenure of the last caretaker government, the Anti-Corruption Commission had filed several cases against him in connection with corruption. The book is about his stay in jail from February 2, 2007 to October 20, 2008.

Alamgir, also a presidium member of the ruling Awami League, said, “Our allegation is that, he [Iajuddin] violated his oath taken before assuming the president’s office. You [people] are witnesses.”

“Violation of oath is an offence as per the penal code of the country and I think he should to be prosecuted,” he added.

“The last investigation revealed that Fakhruddin is a foreign citizen,” said the minister.

Alamgir said former army chief Gen Moeen U Ahmed had “violated” military law during the last caretaker government regime.

Claiming that Gen Moeen was trying to take money from the country by selling his belongings, Alamgir said the government already took steps so that he cannot do that.

Terming Iajuddin, Fakhruddin and Moeen as “three miscreants”, he claimed that the then caretaker government tortured him and filed “false case” against him as he refused to lie about Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina in statements.

He also came down heavily on Mainul Hosein, former law adviser to the last caretaker government.

Agriculture Minister Matia Chowdhury said had there been no hindrance to the democratic process, the country would have been far more developed now.

President of Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) Abul Barkat, Alamgir’s sister Nilufer Begum, Md Monirul Hoque of Ananya, the publishing company, spoke and Deputy Leader of Parliament Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury chaired the event.


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