BSF killing continues along Bangladesh border, this time beats a youth to death!

Benapole, Sep 14 (

Indian Border Security Force (BSF) have allegedly beaten a Bangladeshi to death on their side along Benapole’s Putkhali border in Jessore.

BSF personnel left the body of Alamgir Hossain in Dumur Baor area of Angrail in India early Friday morning, Border Guards Bangladesh’s Jessore 26 Battalion Commander Subedar Sher-e-Alam told

“Sources confirmed us about the death. The BGB has protested the killing,” he said.

BSF kills Bangladeshi farmer along border

Govt happy with BSF border killing situation!

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Indian apology not enough to end border murders

Alamgir of Daulatpur village at Benapole crossed the border along with 15-20 others in connection with cattle trade on Thursday night, his maternal uncle Kayes Ali told

Some BSF personnel chased them near Angrail, he said and added that all but Alamgir managed to flee.

“BSF left his body at Dumur Baor around 3am,” he added.

Human rights activists have been condemning India over the killings of Bangladeshis by the Indian border guards. The Bangladesh government has also raised its voice of protest time and again.

India has recently provided BSF with non-fatal arms, following which the number of killings has come down. But BSF members have started torturing the Bangladeshi nationals, instead, and such incidents have increased, according to reports by human rights organisations.


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