Haisna says militancy, extremism derive from social injustice

The Daily Star August 5, 2012

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said absence of social justice causes illiteracy, poverty, and frustration among the people resulting in militancy and extremism.

She attributed the mass-upsurges in different parts of the world including Libya, Tunisia and other Arab countries to lack of participatory democracy and social security.

শান্তি চাইলে ন্যায়বিচারের বিকল্প নেই

“Absence of participatory democracy and social stability is hindering sustainable peace in the society,” the prime minister said at a conference.

মানবাধিকার,শান্তি অধরাই থেকে যাচ্ছে

The two-day international conference on ‘People’s Empowerment and Development’, as a new peace model moved by Sheikh Hasina in the United Nations, began at the Ruposhi Bangla hotel in the capital at 10:00am.

Organised by the foreign ministry and presided over by its minister Dipu Moni, more than 50 delegates from different UN member states attended the ceremony.

Hasina urged the UN, international financial institutions and development partners to extend their support for widespread implementation of the model.

Peace Model programme 2011

PM presents ‘peace’ model at UN

UN committee adopts Sheikh Hasina’s peace model

Sheikh Hasina’s peace model–The Daily Star Editorial


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