Thein Sein’s brutality and Bangladesh’s reaction…sad!

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Over the Myanmar president’s cruel and ridiculous formula — given on July 11 during the talks with the United Nation’s refugee agency chief — to get rid of the Rohingyas in his country, our government head or the foreign ministry was surprisingly unresponsive for at least one week.

Even though the Rohingyas, in a sense, Myanmar’s internal issue, but it must have concerned us since U Thein Sein in December 2011 assured Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that the Rohingyas living in Bangladesh would be taken back, starting with those registered in two Cox’s Bazar camps. They account for around 28,000 and are assisted by the UNHCR.

What the Bangladesh government did against the Myanmar president’s aggressive remarks is holding a discussion with the newly-appointed ambassador of Myanmar in Dhaka on July 18. It was a call on by the envoy, who has more surprisingly vowed that his government was ready…

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