Events on Padma Bridge

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December 12, 2015: The main construction of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge begins with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurating the works of the main bridge and river training.

The project plan aims to complete rest of the two-tier 6.15km-long bridge by December 2018. The bridge will have a total of 42 pillars with each of them having six piles beneath. A total of 41 steel spans will be placed on the pillars.

December 7, 2015: Quader said: “Around 17% work of the main bridge and 13% of river training has been completed. Among the two link roads, around 59% of the Jajira approach road and selected bridge end facilities has been completed. On Mawa side of the project, 63% construction work has been completed.”

Apart from the local companies, two Chinese firms — Major Bridge Engineering Corporation (MBEC) and Sinohydro Corporation, got appointed to build the main part of the Padma Bridge…

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