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The Daily Star July 26, 2012

The government yesterday sent a letter to the World Bank headquarters requesting the global lender to reconsider its cancellation of the Padma bridge loan.

The government move comes following the resignation of Syed Abul Hossain, who was allegedly involved in corruption in the Padma bridge project.

The Economic Relations Division (ERD) also sent letters yesterday to the two other co-financiers, ADB and Jica, requesting them to continue funding for the project, said an ERD official on condition of anonymity.

The ERD informed the lending agencies about the government’s steps taken so far to fulfil the WB’s conditions for releasing the bridge fund, said the official.

Meanwhile, to comply with the WB’s other condition, the Anti-Corruption Commission agreed to the WB proposal for forming a three-member panel to ensure a transparent and fair probe into the corruption allegations in the Padma bridge project.

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