ACC chief says laws to cut corruption flawed

The Daily Star Online July 19, 2012

Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Ghulam Rahman said on Thursday that flaws in the legal system are the key barrier on way to curb corruption.

“There is a gap between the word ‘corruption’ and the ACC laws, which has many limitations,” the ACC chief said while addressing a roundtable at TK Bhaban in Karwan Bazar of the capital.

Journalism Training and Research Initiative (Jatri) organised the programme titled ‘Public Event on Investigative Journalism to Reduce Corruption in Bangladesh’.

The ACC chairman said, “We have to change the society for curbing corruption and public awareness is necessary for that.”

About the Comptroller and Auditor General, he said if the CAG performs its duty sincerely, there is supposed to be no corruption.

He presented an example of Thailand where comptroller and auditor general office informs the anti-graft body if it gets reports of any big embezzlement.

Like Thailand, the CAG should inform the ACC if they find any corruption, he said.

Asked whether the ACC would investigate HSBC Bangladesh unit’s ‘suspicious transactions’, he said that if the ACC laws permit the investigation into the alleged graft, it would take initiatives in this regard.


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