Despite repeated pledges, cruel border killings continue unabated. What a shame!

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E-bangladesh June 28, 2012

The home minister in parliament on June 27 claimed that positive result was visible following assurances by the Indian government that they were taking all necessary measures to stop border killings as she went on with the statistics of a decline trend. But unfortunately, despite such assurances for the last few years, murders and torture of Bangladeshis along borders have not stopped.

The minister was also in self-complacency that her government had protested the murders in flag meetings and also in the top-level dialogues between the governments of BSF Logothe two ‘independent’ neighbouring nations. Shahara Khatun citing government statistics said 151 Bangladeshis were killed by BSF since 2009 and 11 until date in 2012.

BSF killed 151 Bangladeshis during AL rule

Deaths on India-Bangladesh border down: Chidambaram

The figures, however, do not match with those prepared by the human rights organisations on media reports. It’s a common tendency as…

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